The Savvi Opportunity My Journey

When I began my Savvi journey 2 years ago the company was called Honey & Lace and the business model was very similar to all of the other direct sales clothing companies in the market. This meant I made a huge investment in inventory that I didn't get to specifically choose, I spent countless hours photographing the inventory and creating Facebook albums, I invested time and money into shipping supplies and shipping and, oh yeah, I converted an entire room in our house to my boutique (aka. inventory closet).

Fast Forward 2 years and I have a very different story to tell! 

Honey & Lace became Piphany about a year ago and that is when we began to take the social selling scene by storm and the balance between my business, career and family was stabilized

The Piphany model is unique in many ways, it means that I don't have to...

  • Invest in inventory, I actually don't have to buy any if I don't want to (but let's be honest, everything is so pretty I buy at least a couple of each for myself!). 

  • Dedicate space in my home to all of my inventory! This also means I don't need to buy hundreds of hangers and rolling racks either.

  • Ship anything. Ever. All of my clients receive their purchases USPS Priority Mail direct from our Home Office in Utah ----- FREE of charge. That's right, my clients don't pay shipping!

  • Deal with returns/exchanges. My clients are able to return/exchange their purchases within 14 days but this is all managed by Home Office making it super easy for my clients and an absolute piece of cake for me.

  • Take countless inventory pictures. I remember spending all weekend, every weekend, dressing and undressing my mannequin to photograph all of my inventory then using a program I had to pay for to upload all the images to Facebook albums. 

  • Be tied to my inventory to make a sale. I can't tell you how many sales I potentially lost because someone wanted to know if I had something in their size but I wasn't home to check my inventory - or I was home but I didn't have it so they went somewhere else.

And now... 

piphany is the foundational fashion line of savvi,

a truly groundbreaking house of brands company that is once again pushing the boundaries of social selling as we know it

If you've never had experience with wholesale clothing direct sales before then all of the above might not be such a huge deal to you - that's ok - I get it. Prior to joining I had no knowledge, and apparently inappropriate, expectations of what it all took (relative to time, money and space) to successfully run a clothing boutique in the "typical" direct sales world. Now that I am fully aware and have had a year on either side of the aisle to compare I can 100% tell you the Savvi model is WAY more manageable and sustainable. 

In our "new world" I can provide my clients with access to literally thousands of pieces at our distribution center AND excite them with 10+ NEW styles and recuts every month. Our amazing home office team packages and ships my clients' orders to them FREE of charge to me and them. They also manage any returns/exchanges or damages directly with my clients.

I am part of a team of women who firmly believe that we can all win and that true queens fix each other's crowns. 

With each new release I can participate in the Sample program - this allows me to buy wholesale samples of the new styles about 10 days before they are released to my clients. I can get my hands on the fabrics, assess the fit and create style videos and pictures to share on my social media in advance of the retail release. This allows me to intelligently and confidently educate my clients on the new style before they make their purchases.

This is all just the beginning, believe me. Savvi is still a very "young" company but is already receiving recognition from significant organizations in the market place and I want to help you get in early and support you in building your business beyond even your own expectations.

There is NO inventory to buy/carry. There are NO monthly fees or minimums. There are NO restrictions on selling anything else or even participating in any other direct sales companies.

There ARE monthly incentives, fashion credits and bonuses available to every rep at every level. There ARE ample opportunities to build a team if that is your goal. There ARE about 2000 current reps ready to welcome you to the family and support you on every step of your journey. 

Are you ready to become a Style Boss and Join me as we revolutionize the world of direct sales?